Baby Monthly Milestone Blankets 40x40in|Wreath Color Flowers Personalized Photography Backdrops|Baby Shower Infant Swaddle Receiving Blankets LYFS267

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Size: 40x40 Inch  |  Color: LYFS267

Product Description:

About packaging:
40 x 40 inch milestone blanket X1(folding package)

About product:
Product is made of 100 % cotton very soft and comfortable to protect the baby's skin.Using digital printing technology,environmentally friendly ink printing.No crease,do not fade,can wash water,can wash machine,can be ironed repeatedly,durable.
Products as Super soft quality newborn photography blankets,tracking your baby's growth.Photographs can be made into scrapbooks,baby growth books,calendars,baby birthday invitations,etc..You can also use photo frames,holiday decorations,garlands,flowers,toys,ribbons and other props to design photos that satisfy you.It can also be used for swaddling bags,sunshade,baby sleeping blankets.It's an excellent bath present for newborn babies.

Product usage precautions:
1.The material of the product itself is wrinkle resistant, but in order to facilitate transportation, the milestone blanket will be fold to ship.Due to the relatively long transportation and storage time,it may cause some slight creases.Generally,open the packaging hang half a day it will disappear automatically.You can also use washing,ironing and other methods to let the creases eliminate rapidly.
2.Please use the below 40 ℃ water for cleaning.With bleach and other corrosive cleaning material is prohibited.
3.Please use cold ironing below 90 degrees.
4.Please avoid the color side of background exposure in the sun.
5.Please keep it away from fire!

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