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A Memory Foam Pillow Offers Vital Support For Your Head And Neck, Aiding The Alignment Of Your Spine 
While You Sleep. 
The Visco-Elastic Flaked Memory Foam Gently Moulds To Your Head Shape,  This Avoids Placing 
Stress And Pressure On Your Neck And Spine, Alleviating The Aches And Pains Associated 
With An 
Supportive Pillow. 
A Memory Foam Pillow Is A Denser Pillow With 
Responsive Foam 
Which Will Cradle To Your Head Whilst 
Improving Blood Circulation.

Dimensions:L:64cm, W:15cm, H:40cm
Durable Highly Resilient
Always Keep Its Shape
Dust Mite Resistant
Temperature Sensitive
Huge Amounts Of Comfort
Provides Greater Support
Luxury Feel
Nasa Visco Elastic Stretch Fabric Pillow Cased
Eco Friendly 
100% Natural Materials Used
Complies Fully With Flammability Regulations Filling Complies To B.S 5852 Source 2 1998 UK UK Manufactured